Angel Equipment will be at IBIE Sept 6 - 12.
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Angel Equipment Designs and Manufactures Quality Dough Forming Machinery - featuring a range of Pie and Tart Press machines, Pie Forming Dies and Packaging to Bakers Worldwide.

Our products have been under the Angel Equipment brand since 1998,  but our equipment has been around since the 1960's. Our companies heritage begins with the Kaiser Dial-O-Matic 300, the simple hand lever press. Kaiser then expanded on their presses, adding additional levels of automation into their products with the Hydro-Matic (H-201), the Roto-Matic and the Econo-Matic (E500). The product line was then acquired by Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) and then eventually Tenneco Packaging, where it was spun out into Angel Equipment under Barry Hart, a longtime Tenneco & ECKO engineer. Under the new leadership at Angel Equipment we have continued to expand on this great heritage of manufacturing quality, pie and packaging equipment.

Pie & Tart Presses

The E-500 Econo-matic Automated Pie Press is our fastest and most popular pie machine, and can create up to 1000 pie shells per hour in single format. It forms uniform shells without the need for flour dusting or greasing, and without scrap dough. This dough machine can also be utilized as a pizza press.


Lid closing & Sealing

The Angel Crimp Manual Crimper is an inexpensive way to speed the closure of foil containers. Utilized by a variety of businesses and organizations like Meals on Wheels, the Angel Crimper is a simple, effective part of your business.


pie Dies / dough dies

We are the ultimate resource for forming dies, and replacement parts for the E-500 Econ-O, H-201, A-800, Hydro-matic, H200, H201, Kaiser Dial-O-Matic, D-301, Roto-matic, and Econo-matic E-500 machines.