Used Pie Presses for Sale.

Does Angel offer used Pie Presses for sale?
When appropriately maintained, they are often used continuously for decades and quietly pass from baker to baker without fanfare.  As a result, they do not often come up for sale.  Occasionally we do have the opportunity to feature a used machine.  Even if we do not have anything listed, feel free to contact us to see if anything is coming in.

I've purchased a used Pie Press...Can you help with parts?
Angel Presses / 1999 — Present
We carry parts on all of our presses manufactured in 1999 and newer. If your press did not come with an owners manual, we suggest obtaining one from us. Each manual has operating, care and maintenance, and troubleshooting instructions, as well as the drawings and part list necessary to make ordering replacement parts easy.

Kaiser / PCA (Packaging Corp of America) / TennacoPresses / 1998 and earlier—  Hydromatic, H200, H201 Pie Press, Kaiser Dial-O-Matic, D-301 Pie Press, Econ-O-Matic E-500
The predecessors to the current day Angel presses, these products have a long-standing history of being reliable, hardworking and valuable pieces of equipment.  However, as Kaiser transitioned though the years under different parent companies, the electronics, controls and body construction have altered compatibility of replacement parts.  Many parts for older machines have been discontinued by the manufacturer or were custom fabricated items. Additionally, due to the longevity of the presses, many owners have customized machines to suit their needs through after-market changes.  While we will always do our best to help you, there are many situations where we will be unable to support you with parts and service due to age, alterations or part availability.

Do you sell used dies?
No, we do not, nor do we recommend purchasing used dies unless you know their detailed history and exact pan manufacturer / size.  Dies wear out from use, and should be replaced typically every 3-5 years. You cannot simply look at a die and know if it is good or not (however avoid any dies with discoloration) We find that many customers have purchased a used pie press only to discover the die is worn out, does not match lower die, and that production does not match their expectations. Often this is a result of a worn die, poor fit with the pans used in operation, poor die cleanliness or punch strength.

Consolidation of pan manufacturer's over the years has had implications as well, as we have found that even though a pan may have retained the same code name, the pans dimensions have changed slightly.

For the press to work efficiently, the dies must be maintained and eventually replaced.  When to do so is complicated and depends on how often the press was used and how well it was cleaned and maintained.  Heat, fatigue and the pressure of pressing eventually cause parts to wear out. Heaters, bi-metallic switches and springs especially, are among the common replacement parts that need to be updated through the lifespan of a good die. 

What about new dies for an older press?
The easy answer is YES!  Dies are of the biggest areas where we can provide support on the older machines, as we have maintained a consistent die connection on the models. Contact us with your specs and we will be happy to provide you a quote.

Do you offer trade-ins on New Presses?
We would need to assess each machine on an individual basis to help you determine the best path to upgrade. Please contact us for more details and information.

Can you re-furbish the machine I have?
Most likely YES. We would need to assess your machine, which we can do somewhat through pictures and information from you. We can provide tiered estimates on the parts needed, and the time to get your machine refurbished and help you determine weather it is worth refurbishing or moving to a new press. Please contact us for more details and information.





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