Efficiency in a Small Footprint.

A-800 Air-O Pie and Tart Press

A-800 Air-O is shown with a double die for production of two tarts,
New Product imagery to come, as model is in the process of being updated.


A-800 AIR-O Pie and Tart Press

We are upgrading the popular A-800 Air-O Pie and Tart forming machine.  Great for lower volume applications especially restaurants, and bakers who want to expand their product offering.  This machine was developed with the entrepreneur in mind.  It creates consistent, uniform crusts for pies, tarts, cheesecakes and other specialty crusts — without the need for flour dusting
or greasing and leaves NO SCRAP DOUGH to recover increasing efficiency while affording economical production not possible with hand-forming operations.

Our entry model, the A-800 is perfect for smaller
scale production that does not need a standalone dough press.  It is especially useful for gluten free,
or in applications where space is at a premium.

This table-top model combines excellent affordability, and flexibility, and is the first step toward automating your production.   The A-800 produces up to
400 pie shells or 800 tart shells per hour.  Of course,
virtually no waste and faster production means more profit for your business.


•  Production speed up to 400 pie shells / hour
•  Production speed up to 800 tart shells / hour,
    using a double die up to 6" , depending on pan
•  Easy and safe manual operation 

•  Accommodates pan sizes: 3" to 12"
•  Forming dies made for most pan manufacturers ­—   
   domestic or international — and pan shapes.
• Each die is custom made for your pan specifications
• Easily changeable dies for increased product
   versatility and production

• Aircraft grade stainless steel
• Air cylinder actuated
• Thermostat controlled, heated upper die for
   uniform heat distribution and maximum control
• Clear Lexan guard screen for safety and easy  
   monitoring of production

Operator has control of die temperature,
dwell time, punch depth and pressure to
ensure optimal production.

12" W x 19" D x 27" H

Air: 100 psi, 7.5 CFM

120 VAC

142 lbs.