We are Your Trusted Resource and Provider
of Genuine Parts for all Angel Presses, as well as  Kaiser, Tenneco, and PCA Dough Presses.


Angel Presses / 1999 — Present
We carry parts on all of our presses manufactured in 1999 and newer. If your press did not come with an owners manual, we suggest obtaining one from us. Each manual has operating, care and maintenance, and troubleshooting instructions, as well as the drawings and
part list necessary to make ordering replacement parts easy.

Kaiser / PCA (Packaging Corp of America) /  Tenneco  Presses / 1998 and earlier  — 
Hydromatic, H200, H201 Pie Press, Kaiser Dial-O-Matic, D-301 Pie Press, Econ-O-Matic E-500

The predecessors to the current day Angel presses, these products have a long-standing history of being reliable, hardworking and valuable pieces of equipment.  However, as Kaiser transitioned though the years under different parent companies, the electronics, controls and body construction have altered compatibility of replacement parts.  Many parts for older machines have been discontinued by the manufacturer or were custom fabricated items. Additionally, due to the longevity of the presses, many owners have customized machines to suit their needs through after-market changes.  While we will always do our best to help you, there will be situations where we will be unable to support you with parts and service due to age, alterations or part availability. Dies & die parts are a key area that we can continue to support, as we have kept our die connections the same as their predecessor's.

What if I do not know what my part is called?

We have manuals that you can get to assist you with ordering. Also, if you send a picture, tell us where you got if off the machine and what machine you have, we can track it down.


Simply call us or send an email. Ideally, you will reference your part list from your manual for the part number you are looking for.
If you do not know your part number, a description and ideally a picture.

Call us to place your order:  847.730.3938
Fax your p.o. to:  847.730.5176
Email us at:  sales@angelequipment.net