Die Options, Care and Ordering Information


We can make dies for just about any type of pie-pan, tart-pan, container or bowl.  Our dies can be made for any foil pan, and we regularlymake dies for fluted pans, square pans, extra-deep pans, containers with vertical sides (no draft) and bowls.  We custom machine our dies from a special aluminum alloy that allows for more even heat transfer and enhanced dough release compared to other materials.  All of our dies are are fabricated to your exact pan specifications. Our sizes are up to 12 inches (300mm) and no smaller than 3.5 inches (87.5mm).  We do not stock dies due to the wide array of pan types. Our standard edges are rimless, plain, gear, spoke and crimp. We can work with you to design whatever your imagination and business requires.

Our Process — First, we provide you a quote based on information you provide us. See the following list.
1) List the Press Model the die is needed for
2) Provide Pan Top Out, Flange Width, Pan Depth and Drift Angle (if available)
3) Type of pan material
4) Is this a top or bottom crust?
5) If a top-crust is the diameter to be larger than the Top Out to accommodate product doming?
6) If a cookie or pizza crust, does the die need to accommodate non-circular shapes?
7) What edge style is desired, plain, spider, gear, etc?
8) If under 6" in diameter is a single or double die desired?
9) Provide a brief description of your process, and dough type (wet, gluten-free, crumble) so that we can provide you the best solution

Once you approve a quote, we ask you to send us 6 pans, if foil or other non-durable material, or 2 pans if made of steel.  We use these pans to ensure an exact fit to the die, as well as test the die before we ship to ensure your satisfaction. We will create spec diagrams for your approval. We require pre-payment of the dies as they are custom orders and as soon as we receive payment, production is facilitated. Once completed, we test the dies using your pans to ensure that they are in perfect working order. Dies take approximately 4 weeks to produce.


The dies are an important piece of your pie press.  To ensure consistent quality and uniform shell production the die requires regular cleaning and maintenance.  Providing your die the proper care will help them to last longer and to serve you better. 

We recommend that dies are cleaned every 36-40 hours of use.  Cleaning your die does require disassembly of the punch and ring from the retainer casting.  It is important to clean the fats from each assembly to prevent heat from cooking the fats into a varnish, as this will prevent your crust from properly releasing.  In addition, it is important to clean the vent holes for the air-release to ensure optimum production. 

Maintenance of a die varies based on use, the type of dough pressed, the amount of heat used and the type of pan the die contacts. 
Like any high-quality die-based material forming equipment, wear from use is inevitable. The springs on a die are wear items.  Heat and use will eventually fatigue both flat and coil springs, and while the springs will look perfectly operational, they will not be providing the amount of force necessary to ensure a quality product.  We suggest replacing springs once per year at a minimum.  We also suggest you thoroughly inspect your die for deterioration of the punch-ring seal, and for heat-output. Some of our customers who use our presses in 24/7 environments replace wear items every 3-5 months and because of this have seen relativily trouble-free operation.

From years of contact with pans, the metallic part of a dies does eventually wear-out.  Reconditioning of the surface through machining can be done, but it is not recommended as over-machining can cause the die to crack.  The rate of wear depends highly on the pan and the use of the machine.  Steel pans, especially fluted steel pans, wear the die faster than other materials.  On average our customers replace a die-set approximately every 4-5 years. 

Need additional Parts for your existing dies?


We stock all components for dies used by Angel Presses and their Kaiser Press predicessors. Find all the original parts you need, such as springs, stripper pins, heating elements, cables, etc.

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